What kind of IT support contracts do you offer?

  Support contracts

We treat every single customer differently, because we don’t believe that “One size fits all”. Different customers have different needs, so we need to adapt accordingly.

Our target audience consists of freelancers as well as small and medium companies, who need a trusted partner to take care of all the IT infrastructure. We are located in Athens – Greece, but we can also offer remote support contracts. In fact, we provide support to entities all over Greece and to a lesser extend, EU entities.

Here are some of our fields of expertise:

  • Linux, Windows Server installation, management and maintenance
  • Technical studies and implementation of local and remote networking
  • Updates and upgrades of IT equipment and software
  • Security audits
  • Technical studies and implementation of secured / encrypted communication
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) implementations
  • Technical studies and implementation of backup procedures and disaster recovery scenarios
  • Unified communication systems
  • Development of custom applications and MS Office Automation using VBA

We offer fixed term contracts, either 6-month or 12-month, paid monthly, quarterly or bi-annually.

You can contact us at (+30) 210 300 5288 for a quotation.