Web Support – Basic Pack: What is it?

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A modern web site can include multiple pieces of software, like the core CMS software and the plugins, to name a few. Just as with any piece of software, it needs to be updated from time to time. This is necessary because software is not perfect! Every day, new problems are discovered that need to be addressed, new features need to be implemented, new standards need to be adopted and so on and so forth.

Updating the software of the web site is a must, but it can be tricky at times. If something goes wrong, the web site might be inaccessible until it gets fixed. Nobody wants their web site to be offline.

This is where we come in, bringing our perennial experience. We take a close look and decide which updates need to be done without harming your web site. If we think an update might be risky, we perform it on a development server first, see how it goes and then act accordingly. Before everything we take backup of course, just in case!

We follow a specific schedule; updates are run every second and third weekend, each month. The reasoning is quite simple… Most of the websites are less busy during the weekend.

The Web Support Basic Pack has an annual duration. If you have special needs, we can convert it to 6-month or bi-annual upon request. The cost of the Web Support Basic Pack is not the same for every website, because each website has its own software and complexity.

We will be happy to give you a quote. Just phone us at (+30) 210 3005288 or email us at hello [at] coinmaster.gr